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Here's how it works!

If we haven't spoken or you'd like to learn more about what I do, please book a free coffee chat first. I'd love to get a sense of your challenges and goals and help you get a sense of the process.

When you're ready to book a session, you'll send payment via Venmo to @Britta-Jacobs and book your session. I work remotely, either over the phone or asynchronously. (If working asynchronously, I will send you my notes after the session, and we can have a follow-up call to discuss your experience and next steps.)

If you happen to be booking for a pet, please make sure someone can be with them during the time of their session.

Every path toward healing is different, and many of them are filled with obstacles we can't control. Why not stand beside those same paths and offer little boosts where we can? I believe we all deserve to heal, and I envision a world where being who we are brings us more little blessings than unnecessary hardships.


If your lived experience includes being an immigrant or refugee, veteran, member of the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ communities, living with a disability, or being in recovery, you are eligible for a 10% discount.

If you are an essential worker (healthcare, childcare, logistics, and education), you are eligible for a 10% discount.

You are invited to combine discounts when applicable.

Book a Session

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