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You've worked hard to build your life.
Don't let emotional baggage prevent you from enjoying it.

Rock Maze

My Mission

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."

-Haruki Murakami

The mission of Lokus Healing is to support the rich, dynamic, and challenging task of being human by helping people to let the best versions of themselves.

My approach as a body code practitioner is to identify and release imbalances—for example, trapped emotions—that contribute to physical or emotional discomfort and pain. 

My Story

My Story

I’ve always cared about people and their feelings. My drive to connect with and support others has guided my choices throughout my life. It’s what led me to be the first one weeping at an emotional movie, what led me to earn bachelor's degrees in psychology and Spanish, what lit up my interest in employee engagement (workplace psychology meets practical guidance for making work suck less), and what led me to become a diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) leader advocating for employees with disabilities in my corporate career. Ultimately, it’s what led me to pursue a vocation in healing.


I’d spent all my life searching for the perfect fit. I considered teaching, counseling, coaching—nothing was quite right. I built a career in tech and started my family, hoping that everything would come together. Eventually, it did—but first it had to fall apart.


After my second child, I had a mental health crisis. It was difficult for me to wrap my head around how a “happy” person could also have depression. I felt like I had to prove to myself and others that I was really sick, to convey how difficult and painful it was to keep existing every day.


One of the factors that contributed to my reluctance to accept my barely bearable mental state was that I had the life that I dreamt of. I had the promising career, the supportive partner, the house, the education, and the loving family. I had worked so hard to get to this place, and it did not make sense to me that I wasn’t happy.


I’d always thought that if I jumped through all the hoops, I’d feel great, understood, successful, and actualized. If I could check all the boxes I had set out for myself as a teenager, I should be satisfied. But I wasn’t. It took a lot of inner work and self-compassion to move past that point, and my path toward healing is one that I will keep walking forever.


Now, I choose to walk it with others, and I finally feel like I’ve found the right fit. People say it feels good to talk to me. I want my clients to know they can make the same kinds of changes for themselves. Not only can we each find our way home, but we deserve to. As a busy mother and entrepreneur, I know it’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Healing Together
Melting Ice

Healing Together

One of the most important elements to healing is having agency in the process. I want to facilitate the hard healing work your body is ready to do. I know that your personal empowerment is a major factor in success.


Even before my mental health crisis, I felt lost—like a waste of a human being, powerless against the tide of myself. I had all the things I thought I wanted, yet I was crying all the time. I thought I was being ungrateful, which compounded the problem. I was seeking something.


I tried so many healing modalities—hypnosis, acupuncture, reiki, talk therapy, massage, herbs, homeopathy, medication, and meditation. I didn’t try everything under the sun, but I definitely made my way around the block.


Each of these things has its own merits, and I encourage people to incorporate what works. I became a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code practitioner, and I am able to help people release experiences and influences that negatively impact their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.


To learn more about my process or to experience it first hand, please book a coffee chat or 30 minute session.


Britta’s ability to get to the core of one’s issues with her intuitive skills and training is extraordinary. I cannot encourage you more to consider utilizing her expertise and spiritual abilities for working through issues. Additionally, she led my kitten to a spiritual awaking; the change in attitude I witnessed in her demeanor was stunning.  

Kirkland, WA

Working with Britta felt really good. I didn't know what to expect, and I was really blown away by the accuracy and specificity of her work. She was incredibly supportive after the fact, and she held space for me to process the experience.

Harrisburg, PA

I have two dogs that are highly reactive to other dogs, and it had gotten so bad that I was anxious about taking them both for a walk at the same time for fear that I'd lose control of them if there was an outburst. After a couple of sessions with Britta, we saw noticeable improvement in both dogs' behavior—so much so that our dog walker remarked on how much better they were doing with other dogs (despite having no knowledge of Britta's work with them). 


I'm so grateful to Britta for healing our dogs and helping them to be the sweet pups I always knew they could be

Seattle, WA

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